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Victim behind to sanatorium again

Limon Hossain, left maimed in a Rab firing, was shifted to a Barisal sanatorium from Jhalakathi jail for diagnosis yesterday.

The ultimate growth followed National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman Mizanur Rahman disbelief a justice preference to send a 16-year-old child to Jhalakathi jail from a Pangu Hospital in a capital.

“Limon is an youth boy. Can he be sent true to jail? If yes, afterwards underneath that territory of a law?” a NHRC Chairman questioned during a rising rite of a web portal during a Cirdap assembly house in a city.

Senior Judicial Magistrate Nusrat Jahan upon Tuesday night gave a sequence to send Limon to jail after troops constructed prior to her a college student, who was undergoing diagnosis during a Pangu Hospital. The justice additionally destined a jail authorities to prepare for Limon’s treatment.

“I ask all doctors in a nation how a studious is served with a recover minute in a center of a night,” Mizanur said.

The NHRC authority wondered how a maimed studious is taken to a place distant divided from a city by a automobile instead of an ambulance.

Limon’s father Tofazzal Hossain purported that a sanatorium authorities liberated his son yet informing them about it.

Limon was taken to a jail dungeon during Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital underneath troops control prior to long after 3:00am, reports a Barisal correspondent.

Babul Kumar Saha, a medicine during a hospital, pronounced Limon’s condition was fast as great as they will go upon his diagnosis as prescribed by a Pangu Hospital.

A group of Rab-8, led by Deputy Additional Director Lutfor Rahman, shot him in a left leg whilst he was upon his approach to move behind a flock of cattle home upon Mar twenty-three during Chhaturia encampment in Jhalakathi. The leg had to be amputated.

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