'Violence, pre-poll atmosphere weakened the January 7 elections'

'Violence, pre-poll atmosphere weakened the January 7 elections'

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According to a press release published on the IRI website, the mission found that the 2024 election period, including the campaign period, election day and immediate results, saw less physical and online violence than previous election cycles, primarily due to partisanship nationwide. The state's increased focus on competition and election security due to the absence of

However, TAM also found that the quality of the January election was diminished due to incidents of state, ruling party, and opposition violence, as well as the pre-election environment, including increased political polarization, violence between political actors, and disruption of civic space. Involved contraction of. and deteriorating freedom of expression and association, the press release said.

“This report provides a valuable roadmap for more peaceful elections in the future in Bangladesh,” said Manpreet Singh Anand, NDI's regional director for Asia-Pacific.

“Leaders across the socio-political spectrum – including political parties, government and civil society – have a responsibility to reform the rules, practices and norms of electoral politics in the direction of non-violence,” he said.

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