Wagner claims Bakhmut captured, Kiev says fighting underway

Wagner claims Bakhmut captured, Kiev says fighting underway

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He did not say how many Wagner fighters were killed in Bakhmut, but said losses were “five times higher” than those caused by Russia’s military leadership.

He blamed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov for turning the offensive into “their own amusement”.

“One day in history they will pay for their actions,” said Prigozhin.

Wagner’s ranks included an unknown number, considered as high as ex-convicts, the previous year Prigozhin had visited Russian prisons to charm the prisoners, promising them amnesty upon their return if they were to survive. should remain.

“The general, former employees of law enforcement from the FSB (security service) and former criminals were active here as a team,” Prigozhin said.

It has recently launched unprecedented attacks against Moscow’s military leadership.

The front in eastern Ukraine had been largely frozen until the previous winter, with most of the fighting taking place around Bakhmut.

The two camps are now awaiting a retaliatory strike announced by the Ukrainian authorities, backed by Western arms supplies.

Zelensky has recently said that his forces need more time before launching an attack.

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