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Warfaze to celebrate 30th anniversary

warfaze_band_2009031s2Warfaze is throwing its fans a party to celebrate three decades of making music with a mega reunion concert planned for January 2015, several singles slated to be released and more!

Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu, the band’s founding member and drummer, said to the That: “We are going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band in January 2015. Since we are currently busy working on a few shows, we will lay the groundwork for the anniversary celebrations shortly.”

The most active heavy metal act today in Bangladesh is also planning to release a few singles on the occasion. Tipu said: “We are planning to release one or two singles for the occasion.”

The band’s last album “Shotto” came out in 2012 and Warfaze is working on another which could come out in 2015. About their upcoming project, Tipu said: “We have some music pieces and songs and now we are putting them together to meet the album’s concept.”

Disputing reports that Warfaze vocalist Mizan would not be continuing his career with the band because of some legal matter, Tipu confirmed that Mizan performed with the band at the South Asian Rock Fest on October 24 and would likely continue with the band. He said: “If all goes well, he will continue with us.”

When asked what the secret to the band’s success was despite frequent line-up changes, Tipu said: “Though Kamal and I never wanted changes to the line-up, they were unavoidable. We made sure that every one we played with possessed the required skills. We strictly maintained a policy of upholding the standard of the band. And we emphasised a high standard in song selection too. So despite frequent changes to the line-up we have maintained our fans’ expectations.”

Although the band was formed in 1984, it took seven years to launch its first album. After launching “Warfaze,” the band released five more albums including “Obak Bhalobasha,” “Jibondhara,” “Oshamajik,” “Alo,” “Moharaj” and “Path Chola,” a compilation album, in quick succession. Each one was a success.

The present line-up of the band has Mizan Rahman on lead vocals, Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal on lead guitar, Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu on drums and percussion, Shams Mansoor Ghani on keyboards and vocals, Naim Haque Roger on bass guitar and Oni Hasan on guitar. Warfaze’s concert titled “Oporanne Uchchhash” will be telecast today at 8:45pm on ATN Bangla

source:dhaka tribune

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