Warm cloths highly demanded in Netrokona

Winter hits heavily in the northern part of Bangladesh. A lot of people suffer by severe cold there. So, a huge number of people purchasing their winter clothes and some people engaged them as its sellers in the district during this winter season.  A large number of buyers including children and women are gathering in different shopping centers, markets and foot-paths in the district. Most of the people are dependent on footpath shops where they can easily buy their warm dresses.

The poor and low income people including day-laborers buying
winter clothes from near the village hat-bazars to protect
themselves from the heavy cold.

Some customers like labourers, auto-rickshaw-drivers,
fishermen, and marginal farmers said the prices of the winter
clothes is very high then previous year

The businessmen said adequate supply of the winter clothes in
the district as like previous years and people of the district
purchasing their warm clothes in festive modes.

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