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WASA projects mean extended time and cost

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In fact, the Sayeedabad-1 and Sayeedabad-2 projects received much less water than what they should have received. In such circumstances, more ground water has to be extracted and the water level in the ground is further decreasing.

Adil Muhammad Khan, executive director of the Institute for Planning and Development, an urban research and policy analysis organization, told Prothom Alo that the consequences of overusing groundwater can be dire.

All the unrealistic and ambitious projects taken up have resulted in this situation, for which WASA’s clients have to bear the responsibility.

On one hand, Dhaka keeps increasing the duration and cost of the Vasa project, on the other hand the city dwellers are not getting water. It means that they did not do the feasibility study properly before starting the project.

Thus the Managing Director of Dhaka WASA, who draws a salary many times that of the Head of Government, is leaving a mark of his ‘skill’ and ‘ability’.

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