'We just try to do music honestly'

‘We just try to do music honestly’

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In 2016, Rahul Anand had an accident. He came back from the dead at that time. Based on that experience, he wrote the song ‘Amar Ekta Dana Bhanga…’. This is really a sad song. Rahul Anand said emotionally, the surprising thing is that children also like this song.

‘Joler Gaan’ had to see a lot of ups and downs. Many people underestimated him greatly in the beginning. But music lovers have liked Jolar Gaan till the end. And Jolar Gan wants to spread light till the end. Rahul believes that anyone can spread light if they want.

In the words of Rahul, “We can see darkness only because there is light. When the sun sets we will light lamps, burn candles. These are replicas of the Sun, perhaps in smaller size.”

“We too can spread light, even if on a small scale. Therefore, if I use the knowledge I have been given as knowledge, there will be light, even if it is just a flicker. Ultimately it will dispel the darkness,” he said.

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