What do the barrage of 'haha' reactions indicate?

What do the barrage of ‘haha’ reactions indicate?

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According to social media management and analytics platform NapoleonCat, as of August 2023, Facebook was the most dominant social media platform in Bangladesh with 63.65 million users, representing a significant 36.2 percent of the country’s total population.

It also revealed that about 65.3 percent of users are male, while the largest group is between 18 and 24 years old (28.3 million).

The reactions clearly came from a large portion of the population, making them hard to ignore completely. The reactions paint a grim picture of a deeply divided and deeply intolerant society.

Individuals associated with the ruling party often view ‘Haha’ reactions as a sign of gross moral turpitude, often blaming their political opponents, especially those associated with the BNP and Jamaat.

During a popular YouTube talk show last year, Mohammed Arafat, now a lawmaker from the ruling party, described a Facebook-based online survey that showed anti-government sentiment was mostly shared by the BNP, Jamaat and others. Had voted. Extremist groups.

This raises a question: Is social media completely dominated by opposition loyalists? Where have the supporters of the ruling party disappeared? Have they stopped using Facebook?

Despite their efforts to dismiss or downplay online reactions, it is undeniable that these reactions create an unsettling and frustrating environment for influencers.

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