What is toxic masculinity?

What is toxic masculinity?

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Certain factors can exacerbate toxic masculinity traits. But there is no single source, because toxic masculinity is deeply rooted in old patriarchal beliefs, specific cultures and traditions. In many cases, the propagation of these beliefs and mindsets begins at home as children learn toxic behavior patterns from the male figures they grow up around. This includes fathers, uncles, brothers and friends.

People who were raised in families or backgrounds where women are considered inferior to men may have internalized some of these ideas as norms. And, as kids, we can’t blame them for wanting to be hammered by their caregivers. But we must also hold them accountable for their beliefs as adults because these beliefs have no place in this day and age.

Children also adopt toxic masculine behavior from peers at school or adults around them who are not part of their family, such as teachers. This is not to say that peers and teachers actively promote toxic masculinity, as this depends on individual thoughts and beliefs. In some cases, these beliefs may develop on their own or through exposure to the ideology through the Internet or social media.

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