Endangered Saint Martin: why this system to kill the island

Who is responsible for the failure to send the team to the Olympic qualifiers?

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Prothom Aloe collected Tk. prize after winning the SAFF and 15 million to BFF for the development of women’s football. The Prime Minister and the military also provided financial support. Couldn’t the football team have been sent to Myanmar with that fund? To this the BFF retorted, saying that if they pay for international matches with that money then the female player will have to starve.

This decision of BFF will reverse the dreams and overall progress of women football players. It cannot be denied that running camps for the national team as well as age group teams is costly. But, they are kept in camps and trained to be eligible to participate in international competitions including SAFF. If they are not able to participate there then all the arrangements go in vain.

The BFF should have a specific plan for the development of women’s football. The fact that the women’s football team could not be sent to Myanmar due to lack of funds of 6.6 million taka is unfair. How can the BFF escape responsibility?

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