Why are engineering graduates pursuing BCS or life abroad?

Why are engineering graduates pursuing BCS or life abroad?

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The main problem is with the organizational structure of our country. The hierarchy is built in such a way that only a handful of students will get good jobs. The number of jobs available for engineers or technical students in any government and semi-government organization is far less than the number of graduates. As a result, the number of qualified graduates in Bangladesh has decreased.

The social system in Bangladesh also plays a role. In Bangladesh, people crave for power and those who have it like to flaunt it. As a result, either a student decides to leave the country or tries to gain as much power as he can by getting a prestigious job.

The second situation creates ambivalence for the BCS. Today BCS is considered the gold standard of jobs in the country. Very few jobs in Bangladesh offer as much job security, benefits, and the ability to control the social and political situation. This has made BCS a dream for millions. The huge presence of BUET, KUET, RUET and CUET graduates in the latest BCS recruitments shows that the country’s engineers are also enamored with the BCS dream.

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