Why is Benazir being ignored?

Why is Benazir being ignored?

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The Anti-Corruption Commission has become very active against former police chief Benazir Ahmed. It seems that they are trying their best to catch her. The speed with which orders have been issued to seize her property shows that she will not be spared.

So has the government ignored Benazir? But why? Has the government really started a campaign against corruption? Or is it taking this step due to some special consideration?

Another question is whether former army chief Aziz will meet the same fate as Benazir? What about the others who have serious corruption charges against them? Will any of them be caught? Will any new sensational case be revealed?

There are no easy answers to these questions. But we can analyse the case. There is speculation about the former police chief's clashes with some powerful people. That may be true, but it is hard to believe that this is the reason behind the action against Benazir.

The wealth that Benazir acquired was acquired while she was on the job, especially when she was the police chief. This could not have happened without the government's knowledge. Taking action against such a person is tantamount to accepting the police chief's corruption.

The initiation of the ACC case against Benazir is, in effect, an admission that the former Bangladesh police chief abused her power and amassed huge amounts of illegal wealth. It is also an admission that it is possible to resort to such extreme corruption and abuse of power while in such a position. And this happened during the rule of the current government.

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