Wild driver takes hold up of an additional boy

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A 13-year-old schoolboy mislaid his hold up when he was dejected underneath the wheels of the lorry in Ashulia upon Friday.

The collision occurred usually dual days after the nine-year-old lady died in the identical accident.

The victim, Mohammad Likhon, was the tyro of Class VI during Meesak Ideal School as great as College in Pallabi.

Likhon’s genocide has cracked the hold up of his widowed mom who has clinging her sum hold up to bringing him up single-handedly.

Sabina Yasmin Hira mislaid her father when Likhon was usually 6 months old. Ignoring vigour from her family to remarry, she took up work during the panoply bureau to await herself as great as her son.

Sabina never had an preparation though longed for her son to have the great preparation as great as future. Likhon complicated during the New Ideal Child Academy, the single of the most appropriate schools of Ashulia, compartment he finished category V obtaining the GPA A in his finals. Sabina afterwards sent him to Dhaka to live with her sister so which he could attend the improved propagandize in the capital.

He was upon vacation his mom during Ashulia’s Nischintapur when the comfortless collision occurred.

The boy’s motherly uncle, Imam Hossain, told that which upon the fatal day he sent his nephew to fetch his brother-in-law Shobuj Chowkidar from Nischintapur train stop.

Likhon was channel the highway in front of the train hire when he was strike by the flitting CNG. Losing balance, Likhon fell upon the travel as great as was now dejected underneath the wheels of the flitting truck.

He died upon the spot.

Shobuj, the relations of Likhon who had not him met before, witnessed the collision carrying no suspicion about the boy’s identity.

Likhon was carrying Imam’s mobile phone when he came to the train stop. All calls to the phone was answered by the nearby proprietor who pennyless the headlines which the owners of the phone had died.

This led to the little difficulty between acquaintances who feared Imam had met with an accident. They rushed to the mark as great as found Likhon’s body.

The victim’s mom additionally suspicion her hermit had died. She learnt the comfortless headlines of her son’s flitting after reaching home.

Sabina has been flapping in as great as out of consciousness, given the situation incompetent to accept the news.

“I can’t hold my son is dead,” is all she could contend to people around her.

Likhon was fervent to do his mother’s dreams for him. He worked part-time during the mechanism store as the photocopier partner where in sell for his work he was taught to operate the computer. During the reduced duration he worked there he had already taught himself to type.

A box was filed with Ashulia Police Station though no the single was arrested compartment yesterday evening.

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