Will BSF learn from BGB?

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Dhaka_news_bsfIn 1947 suddenly a political boundary line were drawn between Bengal. By which some portion

of Bengal or Bangla called west Bengal have gone to India and some to then Pakistan which

are present Bangladesh. But Bengalis were used to move between different parts of Bengal.
Sudden separation hampered communication between many families and hampered traditional

local business. This is why people of this region often illegally cross the border between

India and Bangladesh.
But Indian border guard BSF likes to shoot them. As if they do some target practice in the

A former BDR DG said BDR never killed unarmed civilians. But BSF likes to do this.
BDR is now BGB, Border Guards Bangladesh. Doing their duty in the border. They arrested two

Indian nationals from Chapainawabganj Sadar upazila on charge of intruding into Bangladesh

on Wednesday. But they were not killed in the name of crossfire of in BSF style self

Few days ago Rapid Action Battalion, RAB also arrested three more Indian nationals. And also

there was no incident of crossfire. It seems due process of law will be followed here.
Why can’t we expect that BSF will follow BGB’s example that, when any civilian wrongly or

desperately crosses the border BSF will follow the due process of law?

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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