Will we become fatalistic and leave everything to fate?

Will we become fatalistic and leave everything to fate?

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As far as public servants are concerned who are paid with taxpayers’ money to serve the public, one almost has to beg them for service. Nothing works without cash. You also have to pay to pay your taxes. So why did we create this state?

The state has now become a machine to provide facilities and benefits to a certain group. This is a small group, but their reach is long. The service has been reduced to a mere point, but the power and influence of the state has increased enormously. It is very much like Sinbad’s monster.

While chanting the Democracy Mantra, we almost start foaming at the mouth. But no one talks about how democracy has collapsed for the people. Newspapers are also afraid of publishing such news. When people go to vote, they come to know that their vote has been cast by someone else. Or they don’t need to vote. This has been going on for years. What a show.

The owners of the state cannot be interrogated. Anyone who asks questions is labeled a conspirator, a foreign agent. Unless you sing to the tune of the masters, you will be labeled as a traitor. They lead like a broken record: “Give us constructive criticism.” But what is constructive criticism? It is, “Long live the master! Everything is correct!” That is ‘constructive criticism’.

They cannot tolerate criticism. He says, some conspirators are engaged in anti-state activities. They only see problems. Don’t they see the roads, bridges, buildings built by us? They have been repeating the same thing again and again like parrots since 1947. Before they could say it, Pakistan is in danger. Now it is said that conspiracies are being hatched against the country.

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