Women are saying they don’t want this type of short uniform anymore

flight-attendantMany people argue that short and revealing dresses are one of the causes of sexual harassment of women. But different human right groups especially women right groups have been protesting this view. They have been saying that women have the right to choose their clothing. It’s the problem among men who does the crime.

But now women are saying that they don’t want revealing dress anymore. Pacific airlines of Hong Kong introduced its present uniform for its female flight attendants back in 2011. Now flight attendants union say this uniform is not comfortable, it’s too revealing. Blouses are too small; when attendants bent down to bring food out of trolley that reveals their midriff. Skirts are short and tight fitting.

They say they are not opposing the uniform, they just want longer uniform. Harassment of female attendants has increased in recent years and they say this revealing dress is a contributing factor. It is not clear whether this type of short uniform has helped the airline to increase revenue.

The airline authority has said that they don’t tolerate harassment and attendants are welcome to change their uniform with longer ones if they feel uncomfortable.

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