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Women migrant workers: No one should face abusive treatment

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According to records, 17.1 percent of female domestic servants leave their jobs due to sexual harassment. And more than 37 percent of women workers who return home do not bring back their fair wages. Whereas 47 percent have no plans for the future. Of the female migrant workers, 44 percent went to Saudi Arabia, where physical and sexual exploitation is highest.

Of the 1,687 complaints received from migrant workers under the Strengthening and Informative Migration System project, 90 were made by women, and 12 of these related to physical and sexual abuse. Another study looked at the causes of death of 691 female workers who returned to the country from 2017 to October 2021. According to death certificates, 69 percent of these workers died due to natural causes (including various diseases) and 31 percent due to unnatural causes. (Accidents, suicide).

The post-mortem of the dead bodies may have revealed how these accidents occurred and who was responsible, but the families of the deceased are not ready to do so due to social reasons. And our embassies or Overseas Welfare Ministry also do not seem to be very active in this regard. And many murders are declared accidental deaths.

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