Wonderful golden Bra shows in the china market

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At last showing the highlighted Golden Bra (Internal woman wear) in the market. The Bra made by fully gold and in this used 27 grams pure gold. The value of this golden Bra is approximately 3.5 crore in Indian Rupees. The woman’s wear was showing on occasion of China New Year. The jewelry shops in china showing the Bra on the last month of August.
This golden Bra was showing for sale in the “Golden Glossary Show” named exhibition in northwestern Pingliang town of China. The crazy people are making gathering in front of the showroom to see the valuable Bra just one time. However, now we can see the golden bridal dress like wedding gown for sale.
But it seems who will purchase this type of most precious product? Business man commented different. The business man claims it has a lot of demand to the super richest society.

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