World Bank hopefull of completion of Padma Bridge in just time

Padma Bridge is going to be the largest bridge of Bangladesh. The World Bank is giving financial support  to build this bridge.  The World Bank (WB), one of the major development partners in financing the Padma Multipurpose Bridge, is confident about timely completion of the bridge project.

The Bank, in a statement, said today that the preparation for the bridge is moving ahead in full swing and the government along with the four development partners is working closely to complete the construction in time.

The government has already finalized the design of the main bridge. The pre-qualification (PQ) of prospective contractors is also underway, the WB said.

It, however, observed that like any other large-scale infrastructure project, the construction of Padma Bridge will require relocation of some households and businesses and the development of the resettlement sites is progressing well.

Bangladesh Bridge Authority has undertaken extensive consultation with the local communities in the project area, particularly over entitlement policies, relocation options and livelihood development approaches.

It said the WB board would approve a credit of $1.2 billion in February, 2011. Besides, the Bank has assured the government of another US$300 million for the bridge through additional financing procedure.

Approximately 6.15 km long, the bridge will have option of adding rail track when the rail track will be constructed in the region.

Connecting the south west region with the more economically advanced eastern and central parts of the country, the bridge is expected to increase the country’s GDP (gross domestic products) growth by 1.2 per cent, the WB said.

DHAKA, Nov 25 (BSS)

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