World Cup delirium ignites the streets of Pakistan's 'mini Brazil'

World Cup delirium ignites the streets of Pakistan’s ‘mini Brazil’

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Pakistan has never qualified for a World Cup tournament, but many youths still enroll in football academies to train for hours every day in Lyari, one of the port city’s poorest neighborhoods, in the hope of becoming a Day will land on the international pitch.

Sarbaji said, “We want FIFA to be involved in football activities in Lyari.” “They should have an event here because there are a lot of players and spectators here.”

Thousands flocked to a “mini Brazil” last Monday when Brazil played Switzerland, sporting the classic yellow and green colors of their favorite team as they gathered in front of large television screens to the sound of raucous music.

Ashiq Hussain, one of the academy’s young players, said, “Very powerful match and Brazil’s match.”

“I think my favorite team is Brazil. I like the goalkeeper Ederson (Santana de Moraes).”

The fans applauded and danced as Brazil advanced to the knockout stage with a 1-0 win over Switzerland.

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