Yeast infection home remedy

A yeast infection is a common bacterial infection caused by candida albicans,which is a strain of yeast that naturally live on the human body in small numbers commonly inflict women in the vaginal area. Men can also suffer from yeast infections, and infections can also occur on different parts of the body such as beneath the breasts, under nails, and behind other skin folds such as the lower abdominal area. Tea Tree Oil can be used as a highly effective douche treatment against yeast infections. It is recommended that you purchase a small dropper bottle that can be used to store the solution.Many people have found that garlic is wonderful yeast infection home remedy. Simply insert one garlic clove directly into the vagina, and repeat this every few hours for 2 days. You can also take garlic internally, either as tablets or by crushing a fresh garlic clove into a few small pieces and quickly swallowing the pieces with a glass of water.

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