Young are leading the fashion revolution in the country

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fashionBangladeshis buy gorgeous new dresses on religious, social and national occasions like Eid, Puja, Pahela Baishakh, mother’s day or father’s day. But solvent consumers were buying foreign dresses some decades ago. Now most of them are choosing local brands.

These dresses by local brands have the quality to compete with foreign brands and they are more suitable in our hot & humid weather and culture. More than fifty thousand men and women are doing local fashion house related jobs. This sector is earning about five thousand crore taka every year. This sector is saving foreign exchange and creating jobs.

This sector is mainly run by some energetic young men and women. Some of local fashion houses have also started their show room in abroad. It was in the eighties when our fashion industry started its journey. Local brand Arong and Komudini brought local dresses when foreign brands were dominating the market. Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs introduced their innovative ideas to popularize local brands and finally they have done it. A lot of quality local brands have emerged. A few private universities and some other organizations have introduced fashion designing as a course.

Many young men and women are choosing fashion designing course because of its high demand in job market. Perhaps Bangladeshi enthusiastic fashion designers are waiting to show more in near future.

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