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Yunus disturbed about GB future

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus has warned which Grameen Bank could run in to low difficulty if a supervision justification a law to take carry out of a microfinance bank founded by him.

“If those amendments [proposed by a examination committee] come as well as a supervision penetrates a bank, it will not tarry unequivocally long,” Prof Yunus pronounced in an disdainful speak with The Daily Star, a initial after his abdication from Grameen Bank as handling executive this month.

“I’m concerned about a safety,” he said.

Yunus pronounced there should not be any try to rectify a 1983 bidding which governs a microfinance bank unless it is endorsed by a board.

A government-appointed examination cabinet has not prolonged ago referred to amendments to Grameen Bank ordinance, even yet it found no monetary irregularities in a operation of a bank.

Yunus’ comments underline a usual regard which Grameen Bank would teeter though Yunus during a helm.

His abdication came after he mislaid final appeals in a Supreme Court opposite his exclusion by Bangladesh Bank citing defilement of a bank’s early retirement rules.

The supervision should attend to a final of a 83 lakh borrowers who effectively own 96.5 percent of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning classification if it unequivocally wants to shift a ordinance, Yunus said.

During a interview, a 70-year-old landowner to a bad contested a array of myths about a organization he determined 3 decades ago.

“Some consider which Prof Yunus owns this bank as well as is earning a lot of income out of it. you contend no, you do not own a singular share in a bank. you am usually an employee.”

Prof Yunus rubbished a government’s explain which Grameen is a supervision bank.

“To call it a supervision bank, it has to be owned by a supervision as a infancy shareholder. Even in in isolation banks, a supervision competence have a small shares. It does not have a in isolation bank a supervision bank,” he said.

Yunus criticised a examination cabinet for not upon vacation Grameen Bank domicile or assembly their staff or members prior to creation such a report.

“During a review, a cabinet members did not revisit Grameen Bank. They did not revisit branches of Grameen Bank to see what Grameen Bank is. They did not encounter a borrowers of Grameen Bank. Maybe a small of them divided met a small borrowers in a past,” Yunus said.

“They did not speak to a staff of Grameen Bank. The cabinet talked to me for an hour when you went to them as well as answered a confederate of questions. Additionally, they talked to a emissary handling executive for a confederate of minutes,” he said.

Yunus pronounced a cabinet members had preconceived notions as well as perceptions about Grameen Bank.

“Based upon their perceptions they done a recommendations. It was unequivocally unpleasant to give such a large charge to them. It is intensely unpleasant for Grameen Bank to embrace those recommendations. After all, you should not take Grameen Bank so lightly.”

The microfinance colonize pronounced a cabinet has angry a residence by branding it as a rubber-stamp body. “The 9 directors sitting upon a residence have been inaugurated in a four-tier process. Each of them has to be an superb person.”

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