‘More buses needed in the capital’, says speakers in a roundtable.

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Private cars uses most of the road space in the capital but only five percent people uses private cars in the capital. Moreover the private cars enjoy subsidized Compress natural Gas (CNG) when the country is facing serious gas shortage.

Sufferers know very well that how long one have to wait to get a bus in the capital and in most of the cases the buses are too crowded that women, children and elderly people find it almost impossible to ride. But it seems the authority does not consider it as a problem. They are banning rickshaws in major streets; they are also planning to ban CNG auto rickshaws. Apparently no step is there to increase the number of mass transports like buses. Projects like elevated expressway will mainly help the private car’s smooth movement.

Yesterday on a roundtable right activists demanded more buses in the capital. This roundtable was organized by the Save Environment Movement and Work for Better Bangladesh Trust.

There they emphasized that controlling the movement of private cars in the city is the only solution of traffic congestion. In his keynote speech WBB Trust director, Syed Mahbubul Alam quoted from a recent study which revealed average wait time for a bus is about 77 minutes, so every day the commuters have to wait this time in addition to traffic jam wastage time.

Several social and leftist political personalities were present at the round table.

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