1973-2023 Retrospective: Selected Paintings of Shahabuddin Ahmed

1973-2023 Retrospective: Selected Paintings of Shahabuddin Ahmed

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But poets, artists, litterateurs and writers have played an important role in maintaining the spirit of the liberation struggle through their works, he said.

Since they maintained the spirit during that time, we, the politicians, later restored democracy and ensured the people’s right to vote through political means and ultimately took steps to build the country in line with the spirit of the liberation war.” He added.

The Prime Minister said that now the spirit of liberation struggle has started reborn in the young generation of the country, which is a big achievement.

He expressed hope that seeing the exhibition would awaken the spirit of patriotism and liberation struggle among the people.

Sheikh Hasina also recalled the contribution of Shahabuddin Ahmed as a freedom fighter during the liberation war and as a painter after the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

While giving his speech, Shahabuddin Ahmed spoke emotionally in a tearful voice about his affection for Bangabandhu and his memories with the Father of the Nation.

He also told the audience how after independence, Bangabandhu sent him to Paris, France, which laid the foundation for him to achieve the position he has today.

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