219 collision blackspots upon highways identified

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The policymakers as good as administration department appear to have incited a blind eye to a surety measures to safeguard protected tour for passengers even after identifying 219 collision blackspots upon a critical highways.

A investigate of Bangladesh University of Engineering as good as Technology (Buet) has identified a blackspots upon 10 vital highways where hundreds of people die each year in visit accidents due to engineering as good as pattern faults.

“Though you have identified a blackspots where accidents take place frequently, a supervision is nonetheless to take any magnitude to residence a faults,” Shamsul Hoque, investigate dilettante during a Accident Research Centre of Buet, told each day object upon Tuesday.

He pronounced dual comparison supervision officials have met comfortless finish of hold up not prolonged ago in a main main highway collision upon a single of a blackspots.

Researchers pronounced many of a blackspots tumble in intersections, roundabouts, junctions as good as turnings upon Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Sylhet, Dhaka-Mymensingh, Dhaka-Tangail-Jamalpur, Dhaka-Aricha, Nagarbari-Banglabandha, Nagarbari-Rajshahi, Daulatdia-Jhenidah-Khulna as good as Dhaka-Mawa-Barisal highways, as good as Jamuna Bridge Approach Road.

Statistics uncover which a accidents claimed scarcely 3,000 lives as good as left countless others harmed opposite a nation in 2010.

Of them, usually main main highway crashes killed 2,500 people followed by glow incidents which took 250 lives.

Experts additionally blamed diseased monitoring by a law enforcers as good as miss of upkeep by authorities to leave a highways giveaway for lethal foe of a long-route vehicles for lethal accidents which take place rounded off everyday.

Few weight-measuring machines as good as speed detectors commissioned during opposite points of a highways sojourn possibly out of sequence or invalid for long, they said.

The officers-in-charge of a main main highway military stations have been ostensible to guard a vehicles as good as drivers by regulating these machines.

“But they usually import a vehicles in name usually as good as concede those to speed divided after extorting income from a drivers for additional weights,” a comparison central during a specialised military force told each day object upon Tuesday.

The main main highway military contend they have been not scrupulously versed to unit along a tiny 8,500 kilometres of inhabitant as good as informal highways as good as roads to safeguard newcomer reserve as good as have speed extent for vehicles.

Passengers lay which a drivers caring tiny about a main main highway signs as good as speed limit. Instead they get intent in lethal foe of overtaking even upon unsure turns as good as bridges.

“The foe becomes awful when a drivers go for overtaking ignoring all a pushing rules,” pronounced a newcomer who gifted such a tour upon Thursday night.

Road reserve experts hold which many of a lethal accidents could be avoided if a speed extent was enforced as good as dangerous overtaking checked.

Overloading, overtaking, defilement of speed extent as good as inadequate main main highway government have been 4 vital reasons during a back of a lethal accidents upon highways, they identified.

The highways, speckled with potholes as good as carrying no dividers in many places, do not concede even a speed extent of 70 kilometres per hour, though a drivers of a long-route vehicles lend towards to lift a speed over 100 kilometres, they said.

Police census data uncover which main main highway accidents kill about 4,000 people each year as good as leave rounded off 25,000 others injured.

Hoque said, “Driving vehicles in as well many tall speed is a usually reason for accidents upon open roads.”

“We do not have any full of health formulation for roads. Accidents start as inexperienced drivers have been authorised to go for lethal speed foe upon roads as good as fool around with a lives of passengers,” he said.

Police available during slightest 546 main main highway accidents in 2008 in Chittagong segment alone.

The highways have been additionally swamped with made at home animals as good as used as drift for parching straws as good as grains, whilst vast inter-district coaches have to have their ways by tiny vehicles as good as those find it formidable to drive uniformly as good as safely along stretches of a roads squeezed by marketplaces.

This special military wing, combined in 2005, is ostensible to carry out a car speed upon a highways as good as check overloading as good as a papers of vehicles detached from ensuring reserve of a travellers.

“We ask a drivers to go by a trade rules. But it is unequivocally tough to guard them either they violate speed extent upon dull roads over a sight,” main main highway military emissary examiner ubiquitous Humayun Kabir told each day object upon Tuesday.

He pronounced a military take movement opposite a lawbreakers usually if they have been caught.

Regarding a plying of tiny vehicles upon a highways, he said, “How can you residence a complaint as these sort of vehicles manipulate a highways with a blessings of open representatives.”

The main main highway military trainer blamed a Roads as good as Highways Department for not imprinting lanes upon many of a roads which additionally means main main highway accidents.

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