312 Bangladeshis returned from China may be released on Saturday

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312 Bangladeshis were taken back to Bangladesh from China on a special flight arranged by Bangladesh Biman in the beginning of the month. Those 312 Bangladeshis were trapped in Wuhan city of China which was the epicenter of recent coronavirus outbreak.
These 312 Bangladeshis were taken to Ashkona Hajj Camp directly in a special bus, where they were quarantined for two weeks under the supervision of Bangladesh Army. According to experts, coronavirus is highly contagious and it takes about two weeks to show symptoms. Following WHO guideline, Bangladeshi authority quarantined those Bangladeshis for two weeks. But some of the returnees were taken to hospital for high temperature which is a symptom of coronavirus infection.
But now the Bangladeshi authority is saying none of them are infected by coronavirus and other returnees quarantined at Ashkona Hajj Camp are still feeling well. That means they are safe and can be released.
All returnees may be released on Saturday after final health checkup. This recent outbreak has already claimed more than thousand lives and infected more than sixty thousand around the world. WHO has declared global health emergency to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

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