7-member US armed forces group giving training in Sylhet

A seven-member group of a United States Army  is right away in Bangladesh to sight Bangladesh Army crew upon counterterrorism. “There is a seven-member US Army group right away in Bangladesh to sight Bangladesh Army crew upon counterterrorism. The four-week prolonged precision is receiving place during a Army’s School of Infantry as great as Tactics in Sylhet,” Shahinur Islam, executive of a Inter-Services Public Relations Directorate (ISPR), told The Independent upon Saturday when contacted for comments per media reports about a participation of US Special Forces crew in Bangladesh.
He, however, would not blow up offer in this regard.
US Pacific Commander Admiral Robert Willard told a Congressional conference upon Thursday that US Special Forces crew were right away stationed in Bangladesh as partial of counterterrorism cooperation.
The US Special Forces have been additionally in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka as great as a Maldives, he said.
“We have right away Special Forces support teams – Pacific support teams is a tenure – laid down in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, as great as India,” Admiral Willard said.
He pronounced that these teams had been deployed by US Pacific Command to urge these countries’ counterterrorism capabilities, utterly in a nautical domain.
When contacted, a orator of a US Embassy in Dhaka had told The Independent upon Friday, “I have seen a report. you have zero to supplement as a Admiral obviously has explained as to because a Special Forces have been stationed.”
Meanwhile, there has been no central criticism from a Foreign Ministry in this courtesy nonetheless Indian Ministry of External Affairs finished a clarification.
“The US supervision has conjunction sought nor has a Government of India authorized stationing of US Special Forces crew in any genius in India. The dual countries spasmodic control marked down generation Special Forces exercises in India as great as a US in a context of their counterterrorism team-work as great as genius building,” settled a website of a Indian External Ministry upon Friday quoting a central spokesperson, who was responding to a queries of journalists. However, comparison Bangladesh Foreign Ministry officials, requesting anonymity, told The Independent upon Saturday that there was no deployment of US Special Forces in Bangladesh as portrayed in a media.
“The US has laid clever significance upon counterterrorism as great as you have been additionally committed to this issue. From time to time, US Military crew come to Bangladesh upon precision purposes as great as they leave upon execution of a training,” pronounced a comparison official.
“There is no deployment of US Special Forces in a country,” he added.
Another comparison central said, “US troops provides precision to Bangladesh troops crew upon counterterrorism upon a unchanging basis. Besides, seminars as great as symposiums have been hold to share practice in in in in in between a militaries of a dual countries.”
“Admiral Willard competence have meant a US troops crew who explain training. There is no deployment of US Special Forces in Bangladesh as reported in a media. Although a Foreign Ministry is a third jubilee in this emanate you would have well known if US Special Forces were deployed,” he added. Meanwhile in Sri Lanka both a US embassy in Colombo as great as a Sri Lankan armed forces denied Saturday that US Special Forces were formed in Sri Lanka as had been claimed by a comparison American troops commander, reports IANS.
“References in a press to US Special Forces being stationed in Sri Lanka have been misleading,” an embassy matter said.
“Members of a US troops have been reserved to work in a US embassy in Colombo as partial of a rendezvous in in in in in between a US as great as Sri Lanka,” it said.
Sri Lankan troops orator Nihal Hapuarachchi pronounced there was no American or any unfamiliar force upon a island during a moment.

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