A super natural story of Reshma Begum: Savar tragedy

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After being stucked for 17 days in a destroyed Rana Plaza, the 2nd life getting Reshma Begum said, ‘I never thought that I would escape from there. I called almighty all the time.

Reshma faced press for the first time yesterday to express her super natural story of surviving 17 days in destroyed building. She expressed everything by herself yesterday in Savar CMH. In that time, she also answered questions from journalists. High officials from ARMY was also present in that press conference.

ReshmaIn a answer of a question, Reshma said, “After telling about the crack of Rana Plaza, our owner said that, it was nothing serious, do your duty properly. When the building collapsed, I got serious pain on my head and got senseless immediately. Then I could not realize anything. When I got my sense back, I saw that I was laying down on a floor. Then I tried to get up. But, as there was not enough space, I could not get up.

Reshma said, I tried to crawl through and got a rod. I tried to clear up the dust in around me. But, I fall down to another hole. It was a clothing shop where I fall down.

My dress scratched when I was falling down. In the day of rescue, I saw some lights and I shouted. I was shouting like, “I want to live, help me.” The rescue team gave me a torch light and I find out a dress over there. I wear that and come up.

She also expressed sorrow for some people around her who all have been died in front of her eyes. She added that a boy wanted water from me and asked me to help him. But, I could not help him at all.

After struggling for 17 days and getting life back, she confessed greatness of Almighty. She said, “Every thing is belong to Almighty. Otherwise I could not escape from there. I could eat anything in those 17 days. I only drank water. Sometimes I got some pieces of biscuits.

By the way, Reshma came to work in Dhaka back in 2010. She worked in different garments from that time. She entered in 2nd April web bottom garments and started working there.

A special medical board was formed for treatment of Reshma. The head of medical board Kol. Azizur Rahman said, Reshma is now better than before. She has been pushed anti biotic. After 17 days of starving, Reshma’s anti body power has been decreased.

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