About two hundred and fifty thousand US dollar transferred by hackers

Sonali BankSome hackers have transferred about two hundred and fifty thousand US dollar from state owned Sonali Bank in the middle of last year. They hacked Sonali Bank computer network and at first they transferred the money to a bank account in the United Kingdom. Then they transferred the amount to Turkey.

Central bank of Bangladesh is now working with the central bank of Turkey in a bid to recover the amount. Sonali Bank is notorious for its weak management. There are allegations that the bank officials are interested to disperse loan to corporate houses, but they don’t have a good record of paying back. On the other hand bank is depriving small entrepreneurs.

Banks are supposed to be managed by the central bank, but the government has initiated a separate division called ‘banks and financial institutions division’. This division is controlled by the government directly. Many veteran bankers have opined that ministry doesn’t have the expertise to manage banks.

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