Abul Hayat greets Toukir and Bipasha on their 21st wedding anniversary

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Prominent actor Abul Hayat has greeted his daughter Bipasha and son-in-law Toukir on their 21st wedding anniversary. Divorce has been a common incident among showbiz personalities.

Many youngsters have viewed their favorite actors and actresses as an idol. Especially when these celebrities have married, they have viewed them as an ideal couple. But within a very short period of time, they were divorced. Shabnam Faria, Tahsan, Mithila, Afsana Mimi, and this list goes on.

But Toukir and Bipasha has been an exception. They were among the most celebrated actors and actresses during the 90s. In an interview with BBC, Toukir Ahmed has said many of their fans wanted to see Toukir and Bipasha’s marriage. They married and never broke up.

Toukir said, their secret of staying together is friendship. They were good friends in the 90s and still, they are good friends. They have two children, and they are also good friends.

So in essence Toukir’s advice is to try to become a good friend of your other half, this will keep you together forever.

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