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Accidents upon roadways, waterway: seventeen killed, 45 harmed Friday

At slightest seventeen people were killed as great as 45 harmed in apart categorical main road as great as current accidents Friday in opposite tools of a country, together with a capital, as trade commotion appears to be sequence of a day nowadays.

Two madrasa students were run over by a lorry upon a Bharadoba-Ghatail Road in Mymensingh district upon Friday evening, whilst a republic still mourns a deaths of over two-score schoolboys for such forward pushing of an additional lorry in Chittagong’s Mirsarai.

The defunct were Mufazzal Hossain, 23, a madrasa tyro hailed from Chandpur village, as great as Asaduzzaman, 20, son of Abu Sayed of Bankuya encampment as great as claimant for Alim hearing underneath Madrasa Education Board.

Locals as great as military pronounced Mufazzal as great as Asaduzzaman were starting to Trishal from Bhaluka upon a motorcycle when a incident struck them.

“A speeding lorry knocked them down from a bike in Narangi-crossing area underneath Bhaluka Thana during around 5:30pm, injuring them fatally,” says a mark comment of a stage of pushing disorder.

They were rushed to Bhaluka Health Complex where both succumbed to their injuries around 6pm.

In a Netrakona current mishap, 4 people drowned as great as twenty-five went blank as a trawler capsized in a River Maheshkhola in Rongchhati kinship of Kalmakanda upazila in a morning.

Three of a defunct were identified as Rani Saha, 30, of Maheshkhola village, Sahaton, 35, of Kartikpur as great as her daughter Hasina, 8.

Rangchhati UP authority Babul Pathan told banglanews, “The mechanized boat, with 60-70 passengers aboard, was streamer towards Dashdar from Maheshkhola. But clever waves struck a vessel in Nayachaita area as great as it sank during about 10am.”

All a trawler passengers were a inhabitants of Dharmapasha upazila in Sunamganj district.

In a capital, Dhaka, dual painters were killed as a car knocked them down in Bangla Motor-crossing area early Friday.

The defunct were identified as Abu Bakr Siddique, 35, as great as Sohag, 25, of Khilgaon in a capital.

In Habiganj, dual people were killed as great as a singular harmed in apart categorical main road crashes in Sadar upazila in a morning. The defunct were identified as Swapan Mia, 40, as great as Chhabu Mia, 70.

A van-puller was killed as great as 4 others were harmed as a lonesome outpost ran down them in Syedpur Mulbari area underneath Sadar thana of Narayanganj district in a morning.

The defunct was identified as Pagla Mia, 45. The harmed were certified to Dhaka Medical College Hospital as great as alternative hospitals in vicious condition.

In Munshiganj, 4 people were killed as great as 40 others harmed in a head-on incident in in in in between dual buses upon a Dhaka-Chittagong categorical main road in Gajaria upazila in a morning.

Identities of a defunct could not be great known rught divided after a accident, blamed upon bad driving.

Of a injured, 4 were certified to Dhaka Medical College Hospital in vicious condition.

In Khulna, a jute-mill workman was killed as a lorry knocked him down in front of Rupsa Coca Cola Company during around 12noon.

The defunct was identified as Sohel, a workman of Glory Jute Mill.

Enraged by a accident, indignant protestors vandalized a lorry as great as barricaded a categorical main road for 3 hours. Later, military took a incident underneath control.

In Brahmanbaria, a Sylhet-bound lorry rammed a passerby upon a Dhaka-Sylhet categorical main road in Satbarg area of Bijoynagar upazila during noon, withdrawal him passed upon a spot. The defunct was identified as Amrito Saha, 60, hailed from Satbarg village.

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