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Actress Sanai is out of danger

Controversial actress and model Sanai Mahbub Suprova is released from intensive care unit (ICU) and taken to normal cabin. Actress Sanai was tested corona positive on the 5th of August. She has chronic asthma and breathing difficulty. Her condition became critical so soon and taken to ICU of a hospital at Chittagong.

Her sister in law informed the media that Sanai’s condition has improved and she is out of danger now.

Doctors have advised Sanai Mahbub to stay three more days at hospital.

Sanai is a controversial figure in the Bangladeshi showbiz industry. In an interview, she openly ridiculed other female actresses for having smaller bust size. Sanai said she had undergone plastic surgery to enhance bust size and she is proud of that.

She is criticized for posting revealing photos that are not accepted in a conservative society. Last year police arrested her for posting vulgar contents online. Later Sanai apologized and promised not to publish those types of contents anymore.

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