ADB to fund four highway projects

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Expanding road network throughout the country has been a success story for Bangladesh after separation from Pakistan. These highways have boosted rural economy. But number of vehicles plying on highways has increased significantly in past few decades. This has contributed to deadly head to head collision on highways. Moreover local slow moving small transports like three wheelers are also using the same highway which is very dangerous and increasing death toll on highways. Traffic jam before and after Eid holidays is another concern.
Experts have long been pushing for four lane highways and separate lane for local slow moving small vehicles. In fact experts have openly criticized that Bangladesh don’t have a single true highway. Because to become a true highway it needs to meet some basic preconditions.
Dhaka – Chittagong highway and some other highways are already converted to four lane highways. New modern highways like Hatikumrul highway have separate lane for slow moving local vehicles already. Now the government is looking for financing agencies like World Bank and Asian Development Bank, so that all important highways can be transformed into four lane highways.
Now Asian Development Bank (ABD) has agreed to fund transforming Dhaka-Sylhet, Rangpur-Banglabandha, Rangpur-Burimari and Faridpur-Barishal highways into four lane highways. This project will also include separate lane for slow moving local vehicles. Feasibility study for two highways are already done.

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