Air force museum inaugurated

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BAFBangladesh Air Force (BAF) has a long and glorious history. This history dates back to the Pakistan era. Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) produced some outstanding air force pilots who took part in India-Pakistan war, fought for Arab countries in Arab-Israel war and finally during the liberation these Bangladeshi airmen fought for Bangladesh. The war was mostly a guerilla   war against Pakistani occupying army and ended on 16th December 1971. But Bangladesh Air Force started its operation before the final victory.

Bangladesh got some top class technicians who transformed civilian aircrafts and helicopters into military aircrafts and helicopters. Those aircrafts were gifted by the Indian government that time and Bangladesh Air Force enjoyed the practice facility in an abandoned air strip in Indian territory. They conducted some air strikes in the final stage of the war.

Bangladesh Air Force is also participating in UN peace keeping missions with its manpower and logistics.

Now air force authority is trying to make the young generation aware about its glorious past and gradual development in last four decades. They have launched a museum where the journey of the force is being displayed through various fighter jets and other equipments. This museum is located near IDB Bhaban in the capital and will remain open from Monday to Saturday.

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