Amnesty International thinks no country should supply arms to Bangladesh.

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Amnesty International in its recent report suggested countries around the globe not to supply arms to Bangladeshi security forces, because it is used in human rights violation, especially in extra judicial killings.

RAB (Rapid Action battalion) was criticized heavily in this report.

It reveals that since inception of RAB in 2004, 700 people was killed by the security forces and 200 of them were killed in the AL government’s period. AL promised to stop the extra judicial killings in their election manifesto, but nothing is done. Even home minister is refusing that such incidents happen.

AI also criticized police because it never helps the victim and their relatives to take legal action against the RAB personnel. AI is urging the government to reform RAB or disband it.

But many common people are fan of extra judicial killings. It’s because many top terrors were killed by RAB, who would not be convicted in the court due to lack of witness and fault in the judicial process.

RAB always denies the allegation of killing. They say it was an encounter.

But legal experts say due process of law should be followed. If RAB makes mistake there will be no chance of correction.

It happened when RAB mistakenly shot an innocent college student, Limon, who lost his leg for that.

But there is another type of extrajudicial killing in India Bangladesh border, where unarmed civilians are regularly killed by the Indian border guards. Everyone would like to see what AI says about them.

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