Ananta Jalil decides to cast others

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Ananta Jalil has decided on casting new talents in movies produced by Moonsoon Films, his own production house. S M Ali Zaker Sojib, the PR agent of Ananta Jalil, confirmed to the media saying: “A plan is underway just as the news suggests but we are not completely ready to announce the upcoming projects officially. I hope that after the release of ‘Most Welcome 2,’ Ananta Jalil’s fans will get to know about his future ventures.”

Moonsoon Films will not survive if it produces a single movie in a year and that is the main reason behind casting newcomers in his films. Ananta Jalil will also direct the films along with producing them. Earlier, many critiques of Jalil’s films suggested that casting other talented actors would give his films an apt look.

Recent rumours suggest that Ananta Jalil and Barsha are going to drop their film career after “Most Welcome 2.” But a latest flick from Anata’s own production house reveals that the dynamic duo will be appearing together once again in an upcoming film titled “The Spy.”

source: dhaka tribune

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