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Army contributing to Digital Bangladesh

The armed forces are playing a significant role in building a Digital Bangladesh, besides their achievements at the international level, prime minister has said. “They have successfully implemented the national ID card, voter ID card and machine-readable passport projects,” Sheikh Hasina said, addressing a reception of Bangladesh Armed Forces at Senakunja on Monday on the occasion of 40th Armed Forces Day. She also praised their role in protecting the nation’s independence and sovereignty, development work and contributions to peace and stability abroad. Hasina said the members of the armed forces have already earned confidence of the people for their social welfare services and set a rare example of patriotism through their service during natural disasters, rescue operations and national crises. BDR MUTINY Hasina recalled the officers of Bangladesh army who were killed during BDR mutiny in Peelkhana on Feb 25-26 in 2009 and said that the mutiny had ‘cost the country its best sons’. “The government has taken all steps for the quick and proper trial of the mutineers. She said that the trial of mutineers is at final stage in courts constituted under the BDR act,” she said. Members of the paramilitary force that guards the nation’s borders mutinied on Feb 25-26, 2009. At their Pilkhana headquarters, 73 people, including 53 army officers were killed. The BDR was reconstituted after the mutiny, changing their name to Border Guard Bangladesh. ‘BANGABANDHU LAID THE FOUNDATIONS’ She outlined different steps taken for the development of the armed forces after the Liberation War by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. “Our armed forces now stand on the foundation laid by Bangabandhu after independence, and now their fame has ascended to the international arena. Despite financial constraints, Bangabandhu aimed to build efficient and smart armed forces,” Hasina said. “In view of this, Bangabandhu established Bangladesh Military Academy, Combined Armed School and training school and military institute for every core,” she added. Armed Forces Day is observed on Nov 21 commemorating the day in 1971 when the members of Army, Navy, and Air Force of the Bangladesh liberation war forces launched a combined offensive against the occupying Pakistani Army. The prime minister urged the members of the armed forces to extend their all-out support to the government in building a poverty and hunger-free Bangladesh. Hasina said the government is actively considering introducing a number of financial incentives for the members of the armed forces. “We’ll be able to complete it when the finance minister agrees to this effect and the fund is managed.” She said that UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon in his recent visit to Dhaka had praised the role of the Bangladeshi troops in the UN peacekeeping mission. There are more than 10,000 members of Bangladeshi Armed Forces in different countries under the UN peacekeeping mission. Cabinet members, leaders of the ruling Awami League and its allies, high civil and military officials and diplomats were present on the occasion. Later the prime minister exchanged greetings with members of the armed forces and guests.

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