Ashruful paying tribute to his childhood coach

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Mohammad Ashraful is a name of complete uncertainty in cricket with huge talent. But he has done maximum injustice with his inourmous talent. He does well in one match and then goes off in next 8-10 matches. But his last 4 innings in domestic cricket is very optimistic and unlikely to his general cricketing charecter. Those innings are 63, 66*, 40 and 111. It is a big question that what happened to this man? Ashraful found the answer. He explained that he is now playing under the coaching of his childhood coach, Oahidul Goni. Ashraful gave all credit to his coach. He said, “He is the best coach to me. Earlier I thought he can only teach well to freshers. But Now I believe, he can bring out the best performance from experience cricketers too.”

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