Authorities to take stern action against traveling on train roofs

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Traveling on train roofs has become almost synonymous to Bangladesh railway. Especially during the Eid vacation hundreds of passengers travel on train roof to meet their families at home. Bangladesh railway don’t have enough trains to meet the demand. But there are some people who travel on train roof to avoid train fair. Some passengers with tickets also travel on train roof, simply because they love to travel on top even if there is enough space inside the train.
But it’s a very risky adventure. Hundreds of people injured each year while traveling on train roofs when they collide with overhead structures like bridges and cables. Some even die. Criminal activities are another concern for nighttime trains.
Riding on train roof is already banned. But this colonial era law allows police to fine only 50 taka. Railway authorities are trying to implement the existing law strictly and working on to increase the fine.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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