Awami League prepares 600,000 offline campaigners to counter negative propaganda

Awami League candidates are unhappy with the party’s strategy of fielding independent candidates

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According to the policy makers of Awami League, two objectives are working behind the ‘independent strategy’. Firstly, to field multiple candidates simultaneously to create an electoral atmosphere, thwarting the blockade programs of the BNP and other opposition parties.

Secondly, the Awami League is keeping an eye on the risk until the December 17 deadline for withdrawal of nominations. If the Jatiya Party and any other party decide to withdraw their candidature, the election will not be competitive and voter turnout will decline. Seeing this as a worst-case scenario, the Awami League has decided to field independent candidates to deal with the situation.

According to Awami League sources, this ‘independent strategy’ may change after December 17, although the leaders are not clear as to what this change could be. Many believe that an order may be issued that no person holding any post in the party can contest elections as an independent candidate. This would mean that at least half the independent candidates would be out of the fray. Again, it is feared that not everyone may follow this decision.

The Awami League’s constitution states that if someone becomes a candidate and contests against a party candidate in a national or local government election, they will be expelled outright.

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