Bangla blogging culture

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i-love-bloggingBlogging has changed the idea of journalism, started citizen journalism and empowered citizens. In many countries online

activists like bloggers, have changed regime (Egypt).

Now anyone can raise their voice form anywhere in the world. Blogging in Bangla has also started some years ago.

Many bloggers are writing from home and abroad. In many cases many issues are neglected by traditional media but bloggers

are not shy to talk.

How to start?
Many young writers are starting to write with blog sites, why not you?

Typing Bangla in computer is not very difficult. Even if you don’t want to learn Bangla typing, you may use phonetic

keyboard, which is very easy to use. But you need to follow some rules.
Here are some basics for the beginners:

Where to star?
There are many Bangla blog sites. You may start blogging in any site. You will need to open an account using your e mail

address. Here is a complete alphabetical list of Bangla blog sites.
Bangla blogsites

Want to avoid Unicode key board?
You may use traditional non Unicode keyboard and then easily convert those to Unicode text. Here is your converter:

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