Bangla SMS is cheaper than English

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Many Bangladeshi mobile phone users prefer sending SMS in English. It’s easy to type on small devices. Even many young users write Bangla SMS using English text. Perhaps these young guys will now think about sending SMS using Bangla text because Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has directed all mobile phone operators of Bangladesh to halve Bangla SMS charge. Presently SMS charge is 50 paisa, so Bangla SMS charge will be 25 paisa. VAT will be added to SMS charge.
The directive signed by BTRC Deputy Director Samira Tabassum is applicable from today the 20th June. In a Facebook post, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister mentioned, it needs nearly double characters to send SMS in Bengali. That means Bangla text message was costlier than English. By reducing Bengali SMS charge government has made sending Bangla SMS text message convenient for users. It will encourage people to send SMS in their mother language which is also the state language of Bangladesh.

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