11th Parliament: limited to yes-no

Bangladesh elections and foreign powers

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And opposition politicians belonging to different political parties have, in fact, all the time, been complaining to foreign missions in the country or on tour about the ‘misdeeds’ of the present government and have said that elections under it will not be fair and free. If foreigners are asked to fix things. This would certainly mean that these foreign countries are accepted by such Bangladeshis as having the legitimate right to do so. Some civil society ‘leaders’ are also complicit in this exercise. These politicians and others seem to be undermining the country’s sovereignty, which means colonial influence. As proud citizens of a sovereign state, they should strongly and purposefully put their case before the people for resolution of the impasse through their votes.

It seems that this time the foreign interference is very intense. It is extremely important that all those who intend to rule the country search deeply and shun narrow and dependent mindsets to preserve the sovereignty of this nation earned through the blood and lives of thousands of Bengalis.

How can we, the inhabitants of a country liberated by millions of martyrs and great heroes, surrender our pride to narrow political interests and invite foreign interference. Bangladesh is the country that achieved independence under the unparalleled leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Raman, whom the great revolutionary leader Fidel Castro compared to the Himalayas. We cannot bow down, we must not bow down.

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