Bangladesh has the highest dengue mortality rate

Bangladesh has the highest dengue mortality rate

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In particular, Brazil has been hardest hit by the dengue threat, as a total of 1,187,708 people have contracted the mosquito-borne viral disease this year, while 912 have died. The death rate here is 0.07 percent.

After Bangladesh, Peru has the second highest dengue mortality rate with 153,547 cases and 399 deaths. In this, the death rate due to dengue was recorded at 0.3 percent. The disease also hit Argentina and Bolivia, where mortality rates were 0.05 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively.

Malaysia is facing the highest number of dengue cases among Asian countries. According to Health Ministry data, 75,928 cases of dengue were reported in the country this year, while the death toll is only 54.

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