Bangladesh is a better country to live than India and Pakistan

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BangladeshAfter the separation of Pakistan in 1971 India got a dominating position in South Asia. Bangladeshis fought for independence, took help from India but they had a dream of sovereign and developed country. Many foreign analysts predicted that Bangladesh will not survive. Now it seems that Bangladeshis are reaching to their dream in spite of political unrest, lack of good governance and corruption.

There are some allegations that India always prefers a Bangladesh which will always keep importing Indian products and will not be a developed country. Because, a successful Bangladesh may inspire the deprived people of different states to fight for independence. They may think, they have to go for separation to bring the end of deprivation.

But Bangladesh managed to survive and now dreaming to be a middle income country. Legatum Prosperity Index 2013 shows Bangladesh are ahead of India and Pakistan. Bangladesh has 103rd position and India has 106th position.

Bangladeshis live 3.4 years longer than Indians. In terms of some other indicators like, nourishment, access of sanitation, infant death, safety & security and personal freedom Bangladesh is ahead of India. Canada topped all countries according to the study.

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