Bangladesh to get electricity from India

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Bangladesh is passing a crisis period on energy sector. Many energy experts have been arguing that Bangladesh should try to utilize its own energy sources like gas and coal. Bangladesh should try to explore its own resources by the local experts. It should not be dependent on international oil companies. They also oppose dependence on neighboring countries.

But there are different opinions also. Bangladesh is paying heavily for it power crisis. So it should try to solve the problem by any means.

It seems the Bangladesh government has opted for the second option. They are importing electricity from India. Bangladesh will get 250 MW electricity from India and it will have to pay approximately four taka for a unit. A contract is known to be signed between Bangladesh and India. A 400 KV transmission line project in underway and the authority is hopeful that everything will be completed within 2013. The government is also planning to set a controversial thermal power plant near Sundarban. According to the authority this 1,320 MW power plant will be helpful to meet the growing demand.

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