Bangladesh vs India cricket match: A turning point in the World Cup

Bangladesh vs India cricket match: A turning point in the World Cup

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“In case of any injury, first of all, it is the medical staff. They give us their opinion. And they’re either green lights or red lights. They educate us about what the players are, where the players are. And then if they think there is no risk and the player gets the option to play the game or not, then the captain and the coach have to think whether, in terms of playing, tactically, whether that is a risk. It doesn’t have to be 100% or you can do one discipline or both. “Yeah, that’s how the process works.”

Bangladesh have failed to cross the 250-run mark so far in this tournament and despite a strong batting performance in all three matches, their main concern is the batting and this will be under scrutiny as the Pune surface is expected to be one of the most favourable. For the batsmen.

Hatuhuru believed that with this match his team would regain its batting rhythm.

“This wicket is probably the best batting wicket I have ever played on. And even the practice wickets were like that, really good. We had a very good net session yesterday. We have not yet given a complete batting performance or a complete performance with the ball and bat. Therefore, a perfect performance is expected from us. And we know that when we play as a team and we perform to our abilities and we have beaten big teams. We have performed well in the past. So, I think we’re ready for one of those days.”

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