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Bangladeshi Taslima nasrin Awarded the ‘the femisnist press award’ at USA

Bangladeshi controversial writer Taslima Nasrin has been awarded ‘The feminist press award’ at USA.

Taslima Nasrin in Award giving ceremony
Taslima Nasrin in Award giving ceremony

Three more feminist writer has been given this award along with Taslima for their writing on feminism and women rights. Three others are US senator Kirsten Gellibrand, human rights lawyer Bonda Koplon and the Chief of news based website Hakington Post Ariana Hakington.

A non profit organization of City University has been giving this award for last 39 years for the out standing contribution of women writer and women rights personalities. The name of this organization is ‘feminist press’. This award has been given at the night of 22nd October 24, 2009 at the auditorium of New York City University. The attendance of the award ceremony was divided into two categories. One group of people had to pay 1.7 million taka who enjoyed dinner and photo session with these writers. Another group had to pay 0.7 million taka who enjoyed only photo session with them. This large amount of money is being invested for publishing different books. So far the organization has published almost 300 books which are globally famous.

Taslima Nasrin can not come back her motherland for more than 15 years. Therefore, she is always depressed. But she was seen very joyful at that event. Us senator Gellibrand talked with her personally for a while. Now taslima Nasrin is working for a research project of New York University. Recently she wrote a letter to Bangladeshi Prime minister wanting the permission of coming back home.

Bangladeshi foreign minister Dr. Dipu Moni talked about the come back of Taslima in a press conference. She said, “There is no obstacle for Taslima to go home. But the home ministry is worried about her security.”

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2 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Taslima nasrin Awarded the ‘the femisnist press award’ at USA

  1. You are both an abominably bad journalist and a poor writer. Feminist Press is a publisher of books. The ceremony was not given in a New York University auditorium but, rather, at a Park Avenue place for important banquets. Taslima Nasrin could return tomorrow to Bangladesh if it were not a theocratic state with Muslims who would kill her if she returned – it is incredible that a religion approves killing and also is patriarchic, yet in 1948 signed the UN Declaration of Human Rights. She is anything but depressed (how would a journalist determine this?) and greatly enjoys every day as a resident scholar at New York University and meeting Muslims as well as everyday citizens at baseball games and luncheons and peaceful walks without bodyguards anywhere in the city. At the gala celebration she did not talk with Hillary Clinton’s successor, US Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand, who was in the capitol working on needed health insurance legislation. Dr. Nasrin is not working on a research project at New York University. Arianna Huffington is one of the leading women in the U.S. and would laugh at the spelling of her name. What does that leave, that Bangladesh’s Home Security is worried about a citizen’s safety? Fire them and hire the New York City Police Department, which protects all citizens not only of New York but also all those who are at the United Nations. As a journalist, I question why you are putting out DHAKA NEWS – it does no justice to the title.

  2. Dear Allen,I would like to thank you first. The information of this news is taken from a leading Bangladeshi Daily. Then you said about the depression of Taslima. It is not my personal opinion. It is taken from the letter of Taslima to BD prime minister. Anyway I dont mind as you told me bad writer in offensive language. Oh! Taslima is a important name Bangladesh in spite of some controversy. That is why it can come be put in Dhaka News. So be polite to give comment. Still I have published your comment. Because I am believed in freedom of speech. Dhaka News is always ready to give you the opportunity to talk. You are Welcome in DHAKA NWES as a Contributor.

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