Bangladesh's 200th RMG Industry Receives LEED Green Factory Certification

Bangladesh’s 200th RMG Industry Receives LEED Green Factory Certification

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Bangladesh is home to some of the best factories in the world; 13 of the global top 15 LEED green factories are located in Bangladesh,”
Last year 2022, 30 garment factories received LEED certification by USGBC (15 of them were platinum and 15 gold), and this year, so far, 18 factories have been certified LEED by USGBC (13 platinum and 5 gold) . “I hope that by the end of this year we will be able to reach a new milestone in the number of factories certified in a single year. We have about 500 factories still waiting for USGBC certification,”
To obtain the certificate, factories are required to maintain the highest standards with respect to carbon emissions, energy and water use, waste management, indoor environmental quality, etc. under the strict monitoring of the USGBC. The achievement of 200 USGBC certified LEED Green factories is a testimony to Bangladesh’s resolve to foster a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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